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What is MSN Status Checker?
MSN Status Checker is a web based tool. You can use it to see your friend is Online or Offline on MSN Messenger. You can use it to detect if someone has blocked you. If your MSN Messenger is not signing in, you can use this tool to check whether your friend is online or not.

What is MSN Block Checker?
Msn Block Checker is the same tool, some people call it with different names. It actually show the status of a person, if that person is online according to MSN Status Checker and offline in your MSN, that means he/she has blocked you.

Does it show 100% correct status?
Yes, but we do not guarantee it. As on January 16, 2004, Microsoft has patched the method which MSN Status Checker was using, Now if the person has "Only people in my allow list can see my status and send me messages" option enabled, then you will see them offline. And we cant do anything with this.

Can everyone see my status?
Yes, As long as you have that option disabled, everyone can see your status via MSN Status Checker.

Does it show the nickname of a person?
Yes it shows the nickname of a person as well.

What are the different names of this tool?
This tool may be known as MSN Status Checker, Online MSN Status, MSN Status, MSN Status Viewer, MSN Block Checker and Check MSN Status in search engines.
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