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Quaid ne Fermaya!!"Masroof to hoon Lakin acha lagna zaroori hai

Every Raat In My Khuab I dEkh u I MehSooS u


Aqal ke andhe ab msg bhy kar

Wait karte karte overweight hogaye, Tum na aayi aur hum LATE hogaye

Not Responding

Hum App ke Msn mein Rehtey Hein

Hum Aap Sab Ke Dil May Rehte Hain

Aj (K) ka match (K) ke sath hai

Chal oye nahin bolta Kia karlo ge

kyu k bhoot bhi kabhi insan tha

Chanta Laga

Udher tum Idher hum

Udher tum Idher Hum Beech Main Monitor

Easy to weep for a Lost love Difficult to take care of so not to loose it

When i was born.i was so surprised didn't talk for a year and a half

Prem Minister

Click Me

Nik i und ntutin

I dont want to become a burger, mein bunkabab hi theek hoon

If eyes could kill, then Im a serious killer

Be happy while you're living, for you're a long time dead.

Life is like a beautiful melody, only the lyrics are messed up."

Enjoy life. There's plenty of time to be dead.

True friends stab you in the front.

The question is not whether we will die, but how we will live.

Wah kia raat hai ke sooraj hai nikla hua

Mera koi nick nahin

I .... Proud to be an idiot

1 new email message(s)

Emotions be kitne Stupid hotey hain-Logic he Nahin Samajhtey

We Live to Dye

A Million Words Wuld Not Bring U Back,i Know Bcoz i Have Tried,Neither Wuld A Million Tears,i Know Bcoz i Have Cried!

Searching for the light under Sun

Fsh Χ t Th mbt f Tw W t Χ Th cmbt f Tw Ht

Msg me at your own risk

koi khushboo jaisee baat karo

Love is the passion of the soul and the strength of the sprit

Never Trust A Girl

I Dont Fear Death..I Fear Loosing the Ones I love

Don`t say God i have a big problem...say ..hey problem i have a big God

13 mera 7

T HV 9 LV, PPL HV 1, M WTH M & 'LL HV N..!!

Always remember, someone in this world is happy coz u r happy...

KFC - Kankatti Fraud Chicken

If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?

If ya smell what The Mom is cookin

I like u itna...U like me jitna...I like u tab tak...U like me jab tak...U love me kab tak...I love u marte dum tak

Minds are like Parachutes, They work only when they are Open

Qabar Main Paon Latkaye Watching Kal Hou Na Hou

When your heart bleeds tears. Then you will know it is love...!!!


Sala Mein to Pass Ho gaya

Sala Apun ko PHIR se pyar hogaya

Ppl always say love is good, we should love god creatures, but when i love 2 girls at a time they say i am a cheater

You Really Think I'm Gonna Reply You ???

PM only if u think ur important enuff to get my reply!!!


Proud to be a Pakistani

PaPPooOo YaaR TaNg Na KeR!!!


I Love You! .... Yes you!

I Am Dents Wala Stud .. yani Student

Dont Make Me Destry U

May i Knock Your heart?

dESi KuRi, WaLaiTi sTyLe!

dOn u dAre dOubLe cLiCk hErE!!!

palat.........Tera deehan kidher hay

Decent Cheater

Don't Believe Me!

I always tell da truth, EVEN when i Lie!!!

Don sHow mE ur aTTiTuDe, i Have oNe oF my OwN!!!

Hum Tou Muhabbatein Karega

Bank Al-Hearts: Lockers Available.

Woh aaien humaray MSN pe KHUDA ka azab hai ...... Kabhi unkay nick ko kabhi block k button ko dekhtay hain

*.* kar ke bhi dhoondo ge to ham sa nahin mile ga

A wise man never marries, if he marries he becomes otherwise

Block Kerne Wale ka Muun Kala

Frequently Loved Person

Zindigi say daarta hoon....Per zindigi tu tum bhi ho

Friendship is like an Iceball wich is easy to make but hard to keep.

- +*^*+ Kd tgT (a) LvG (L) & HT (#) Tht 𣧢rߣ vrThG I'm t :$ +*^*+ -

CaTch mE iF yOu CaN -- (and keep changin ur status from online to offline)

nobody is perfect, therefore im "NOBODY"

't wt t k @t & $ml, 'll jt mk m Ǯ ft @ whl

SaB SaY AcHeE ApNi LiFe , Na KoI GiRlFrIeNd Na KoI WiFe

End Discrimination- Hate everybody

Yesterday I Decided To Kill The Most Handsome Person Of Da City, But then I Realised It Would Be a Suicide

(K) Ka Hai Tum Ko Intezar

Tang na karna mujhay Curent laga doongi Bachooo

I m a Fleshy tomb, burried above the ground

If ThE OnLy WaY tO SeE u Is In ThE DrEaMz tHeN i M rEaDy To SLeep foReVeR

Yeh jo tere bina koi itna akaila sa hai

Whoever u r, What ever u do but plz don't try this ({) (K) (}) at home.

Gone With The Wind

Ab Tou Dil ke Dharakney Ki Sada Tak Nahi Aati

Tum aaye tou aaya mujhe yaad msn par aaj saand nikla

Pvt main chaliiiii aooo humse sanam kia parda

Aiye aap hi ka intizar tha ! ab dahi mariye dimagh ki.

LoViNg U Is LikE bReAtHinG hOw cAn I StOp?

Qatal Hogaye Hum

*--(_Hum_)=(*.*) (>.<)=(_Tum_)**';

Hum oor Tum Mein Aik ProBlem Hai.Tum K Baghair Hum Adhorey Hein

A friend in need is a friend i dont need

Friendship Often ends in Love, But love in friendship, NEVER

A friend in need is pain in neck

Devil inside , angel out side

larkiyan offline hojain

Kabhi tou unblock kerwao, Kabhi tou Online aao

DoNt TaKe lIfE 2 sErIoUsLy , U lL nEvEr GeT OuT oF iT aLiVe.

Aap ke matlooba dil se filhaal jawab nahin araha..

Idher na udher chal chalein yahoo! par :p

Tu nahin aur sahih aur nahin to ghar wali to hai naan

Zara Mere nick per click tou karein

Manhooso mujhe bhi msg kardo :@

Kaley Hain, Magar Dilwalay Hain

Chat with me Twice a day, Every day

i ll hack ur tears and ll give u password of simle

I like to do the things which are impossible, and NOTHING is impossible so I do NOTHING

If u need space join NASA baby!

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened

8o| Laraka Larka

StR@nGeR !n tHe m!rROr

KhAtArNaK CoCkRoAcH kIlLeR

i fink i am afarid of being happy becoz everytime i am happy somefing sad alaways happens

u fink nuffin ... so fanks for finking nuffin... fink again ... you will find nuffin in finkin ! Fankx Alot

Aaj se Jan e Mann Fittey Munh Tumhara

hELLo ! hOw R u? b@aT kEr k j@nA h@an ;)

The definition of a beautiful woman is one who loves me..

Pyar Koi (so) Nahi

Love is juz like gambling...invest everything...but the result depend upon ur luck

HuM HaiN PakistanI HuM ToU CheatengE Haan CheatengE

Pakistan Zindabad .... Quaid e Azam ( Rs ) paindabad

Maybe these Maps Are Legends?

I'm Vibrating At The Speed Of Light!

I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it!

Vote Whoever Isn't Called Bush!

If olive oil comes from olives, where does baby oil come from?

If 'con' is the opposite of 'pro', what is the opposite of progress?

If it's tourist season, why can't we shoot them?

How come abbreviated is such a long word?

If vegetarians eat vegetables, what do humanitarians eat?

Tell a man that there are 400 billion stars and he'll believe you. Tell him a bench has wet paint and he has to touch it.

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