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  Police Scanners > MSN Emoticon Pictures > Smiley Letters


 Fill the box with letters you would like to make into a word made out of smileys.
 Press Create and then use your emoticon picture in a MSN conversation!

Word to make into big smiley letters
USE: A-Z; 0-9; : - ( ) > < ? ! ' [space]

Pick an Emoticon


*Instructions to use Advanced smiley letters with our Blank Emoticon

  • Download the image and save to your Computer. "My Documents".
  • Open your MSN Messenger Click Tools at the top.
  • Click My Emoticons...
  • Click "Create..."
  • Click Find Image and find "msnheaven_com.gif" you downloaded to "My Documents".
  • On #2 "Type a keyboard shortcut..."
  • Type hvn and Click Ok, Ok.

Your buddy must be using a version of MSN that allows custom emoticons.
If not, use the basic version.

Emoticon Smiley Letter script is found only at and may not be used on any other website.

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